Pre-Employment Physical and Screening

Pre-Employment Physical and Screening

Congratulations if you have been offered a new job or returning to an old one; we’re seeing more economic activities resuming in post COVID1-19 era, certainly good news for everyone.

Many companies require a pre-employment physical and other screenings as they wish to ensure that new employees are physically and mentally prepared for the responsibilities of the job. These pre-employment examinations typically include a physical exam in addition to inquiries made about your health. These inquiries may consist of ruling out communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, drug test, and mental health examinations.

In additional to a physical examination, TB (tuberculosis) testing is the most commonly seen test to rule out communicable diseases. There are 3 ways to rule out TB: PPD Skin Test, QuantiFERON® Blood test, or Chest xRay.

Drug tests are also commonly required prior to employment, as well as during random intervals after employment.

Physical fitness tests may cover a candidate’s ability to perform specific tasks, as well as their overall fitness and stamina. This is called “Fit to Work” testing.

Whatever the examination or testing you may need, myDoc Urgent Care does all and same day or next day appointments are available.

We also encourage those who have not received COVID-19 vaccine to get one prior to returning to work, these vaccines are safe, and there are millions who have received vaccine so far. It’s the best way to protect you from COVID.

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