Common Fall Illnesses and Prevention

Common Fall Illnesses and Prevention

The most common fall illness is the seasonal flu. Immune system performance lowers during the autumn months due to temperature drops, increased rain and humidity, and lack of Vitamin D. This increases our susceptibility to the influenza virus, which causes the flu. With COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing in much of the U.S., it is even more important that we manage and stay ahead of this flu season.

Prevention is the best way to protect yourself from any transmittable illnesses or infections during the autumn season.

1. Common Cold

Common cold can affect anyone at any time, but fall is the peak time. It is a communicable illness and can last from a few days to a few weeks.

The best way to prevent common cold is to wash your hands frequently throughout the day. Also, manage your stress level, eat a balanced diet, and sleep well.

2. Flu

The flu viruses are common in the autumn season. If left untreated, the illness can become severe and turn into bronchitis or pneumonia.

Get a flu shot is one of the best ways to prevent flu, even you are young and healthy. If you haven’t done so, please get a flu shot right away.

COVID-19 and the flu share a host of symptoms such as cough, fever, and sore throat, the incubation period is similar at roughly 3-5 days. According to experts, it is possible to get the flu and COVID-19 at the same time. Since both are respiratory viruses, having one illness could make you susceptible to developing the other. Also, once you are infected with the flu or any other respiratory virus, it weakens your immune system, thereby making you more vulnerable to get a second infection.

3. Fall Allergies

Ragweed and mold spores are the biggest allergy triggers in the fall. Although, dust mites are common during the humid summer months, they can get stirred into the air the first time you turn on your heat in the fall.

To prevent allergies, check the daily pollen counts in your area, and also check the air quality of your city before spending time outside. Take a shower after spending time outside should also help.

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Stay safe and health, and be happy.

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