Enjoy Summer 2022

Enjoy Summer 2022 in a “not yet gone” COVID World

Happy Summer 2022! It’s wonderful to see the vibrancy of the world as people resume normal activities. Bars and restaurants are open without restrictions, different entertainment venues are operating normally, vacation spots are packed across the world, and people are excited to continue with their lives.

However, there is still the lingering worry about COVID-19 and its unpredictable behavior; the U.S. COVID count is still at 100,000 when this article is written, which is believed to be underestimated. The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t quite over yet.

In this blog post, we want to encourage everyone to ENJOY YOUR SUMMER, and complete some preparations to offer you peace of mind.

1. STOCK-UP at-home rapid COVID testing kits

Every home in the U.S. is eligible to order a 3rd round of free at-home tests at covid.gov. They are free with insurance, and your pharmacies should carry them.

2. PACK rapid testing kits when traveling:

Whether it is a long trip overseas or a short weekend getaway, we recommend packing a few Rapid COVID Testing Kits in your “first-aid kit” box along with common OTC medications and other supplies you may need. If nothing else, this may give you peace of mind while you are outside of your home.

3. FREQUENT testing

Test yourself and family members when you experience any upper respiratory discomfort, before going to any parties, and a few days after a large gathering. Preventative efforts will pay off this summer.

4. Always Carry your health insurance card:

Nowadays, there is an urgent care center in almost every neighborhood in the U.S., so you will be able to use your insurance when you are outside of the home.

As always, myDoc Urgent Care Centers are here for you and your family every day of the week. Please keep us in mind when you need healthcare services. We wish everyone a very enjoyable and safe summer.

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