Pandemic Declaration Will End in May 2023

COVID-19 Pandemic Declaration Will End in May 2023

U.S. to end COVID-19 emergency declarations in May 2023, three years after it was first announced to curb the spread of coronavirus.

What does it mean? Does it matter since majority of us are going about our lives as normal as it can be anyways? The answer is YES, this may affect your financial wellbeing and insurance coverage.

The government has been paying for COVID-19 vaccines, testing and certain treatments under the emergency declaration. When it expires, those costs will be transferred to private insurance and government health plans. It means some of us may have higher out of pocket costs, how much would depend on the benefit details of your insurance plan.

During the Emergency Declaration, Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) were extended to millions more Americans who would otherwise not qualified for this assistance. This will change in 2023, especially with the change of Medicaid enrollment provisions. Two big Medicaid payers in Philadelphia are Keystone First, and Health Partners Plan. If you are under one of these plans, please read enrollment requirements and be in compliance, otherwise, you may be at risk of losing coverage.

myDoc Urgent Care continues to provide COVID 19 testing 7 days a week, and we can help you with insurance questions when you come to us.

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