COVID-19 Rapid Tests

Rapid COVID-19 Test Available (All Locations)

myDoc Urgent Care offers Rapid COVID-19 testing in all 4 locations 7 days a week.

An appointment is required and can be self booked on our website at: https://mydocuc.bookafy.com/. If you’re experiencing severe COVID symptoms, please book a TeleHealth appointment first.

Due to the high demand of testing, we may only have 1 type of testing option on certain days, we thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Some rapid testing kits are too expensive for us to absorb the cost, even with insurance, therefore, we will need to charge an additional $25, we are doing our best to keep in stock lower priced rapid test kits.

What’s the difference between Rapid (Antigen) Test and PCR Test?

Rapid Test: This is an antigen test, designed to detect viral protein (called antigen) on the surface of the virus. The result is available in 15 minutes. myDoc Urgent Care mainly uses the BD Veritor rapid antigen test. Rapid (Antigen) Test alone is not clinically conclusive enough to rule out coronavirus, therefore, negative rapid test result should be followed with the PCR test.

PCR Test (Polymerase Chain Reaction): This is a molecular test looking for genetic material that comes only from the virus. myDoc Urgent Care mainly uses Lab Corp for this test, results are reported in 1 to 3 days. The specimen for this test is collected via nasal swap that is designed to be self-administer. We educated and instruct each patient about the procedure, and additionally provide a printed diagram for clarification.

We urge the public to remain vigilant: Please wear a Mask and continue to practice Social Distancing.

Please Note: All COVID tests require appointments, and that we may not be able to swab everyone.  We also urge the public to remain vigilant, wear mask, and socially distance.

myDoc Urgent Care is here to help, walk-in or call us if you have any questions.

Center City
1420 Locust St Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone: 215.800.1909

University City
3717 Chestnut St. Philadelphi, PA 19104

Phone: 215.921.8294

Temple University Main Campus
1501 N. Broad Street, Phila, PA 19122

Phone: 267.457.5553

1008 Arch St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: 267.881.9111

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